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    Displays, Reflectance and Texture

    Friday, 05 December

    09:00 - 10:45

    Jasmine Hall

    Toward BxDF Display Using Multilayer Diffraction

    We introduce diffractive multilayer BxDF displays to overcome limitations of existing approaches to BxDF display. To this end, we derive forward and inverse methods to generate diffractive patterns that are printed on stacked, high-resolution transparencies and reproduce prescribed BxDFs with unprecedented degrees of freedom.

    Gordon Wetzstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Genzhi Ye, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University
    Sundeep Jolly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Ramesh Raskar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    V. Michael Bove, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Qionghai Dai, Tsinghua University

    Improving Visual Quality of View Transitions in Automultiscopic Displays

    Despite of the widespread use of automultiscopic screens, the image quality is highly affected by the limited angular coverage by the displayed views. We analyze this effect, and reveal artifacts caused by this limitation. We also propose a new idea of modifying the 3D content to minimize these problems.

    Song-Pei Du, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University
    Piotr Didyk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Frédo Durand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Shi-Min Hu, Tsinghua University
    Wojciech Matusik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Appearance-from-Motion: Recovering Spatially Varying Surface Reflectance under Unknown Lighting

    We present "appearance-from-motion'', a novel method for recovering the spatially varying isotropic surface reflectance from a video of a rotating subject, with known geometry, under unknown natural illumination.

    Yue Dong, Microsoft Research Asia
    Guojun Chen, Tianjin University
    Pieter Peers, College Of William & Mary
    Jiawan Zhang, Tianjin University
    Xin Tong, Microsoft Research Asia

    AppIm: Linear Spaces for Image-based Appearance Editing

    We define non-linear transformations for material parameters such that applying linear operations on them respects their inherent meaning of the parameters. Using these editing spaces, we can apply most imaging operations unmodified in material editing for BRDFs, BSSRDFs and local frames.

    Francesco Di Renzo, La Sapienza University of Roma
    Claudio Calabrese, La Sapienza University of Roma
    Fabio Pellacini, La Sapienza University of Roma

    Local Random-Phase Noise for Procedural Texturing

    We present a fast noise model encompassing Gabor noise and noise by Fourier series for interactive procedural texturing. It can not only generate Gaussian patterns from exemplars but also reproduce structured features using a parameter controlling the ratio "structure versus noise".

    Guillaume Gilet, University of Limoges
    Basile Sauvage, Université De Strasbourg
    Kenneth Vanhoey, Université De Strasbourg
    Jean-Michel Dischler, Université De Strasbourg
    Djamchid Ghazanfarpour, University of Limoges

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