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    Interactive Systems

    A Molecular Modeling System using Hand Gestures

    We propose a molecular modeling system to model and observe molecular structure using hand gestures via Kinect sensor. The proposed system enables user to model molecular structure using seven atoms through the gestures of grasping atom, moving atom and bonding atoms.

    Woong Choi, Gunma National College of Technology

    Kyosuke Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Satoshi Nakajima, Gunma National College of Technology

    Liang Li, Ritsumeikan University

    Kozaburo Hachimura, Ritsumeikan University

    A SPH-based Dissolution Behavior Model for Real-time Fluid-Solid Interaction

    We present a particle-based interactive simulation method of the dissolution phenomenon between the fluids and the solid objects. Our approach adopts the real-world dissolution model into the fully particle-based simulation environment to handle with the shape changes involved by the dissolution in a simple way.

    Seokyeol Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Jinah Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Aesthetic-Driven Interaction – a Pleasurable Persuasive Technology for Health Behavior Change

    In this poster, an original aesthetic-driven interaction model is proposed to enhance the efficiency of regular physical activity: by meaningful associate the user’s physiological state and physical activity with scene’s audiovisual effect under aesthetic judgment, environmental stimuli are presented during the training.

    Lizhen Han, State Key Lab of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphic, Zhejiang University

    Mingmin Zhang, College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University

    Zhigeng Pan, DMI Research Center,Hangzhou Normal University

    Qingru Meng, Intelligent Information Systems Institute, Wenzhou University

    Feng Tian, School Of Design, Engineering & Computing, Bournemouth University

    Hit-to-Scroll: A Scroll Interface Utilizing Impacting Motions for a Handheld Projector

    We propose a concept for manipulating projected object by utilizing impacting motions such as collision and bouncing between stabilized projection objects and objects moving with the motions of a handheld projector. Specifically, we present a new scrolling interface called Hit-to-Scroll based on the concept.

    Keima Abe, Tohoku University

    Shingo Kagami, Tohoku University

    Koichi Hashimoto, Tohoku University

    Interaction study of digital shadow play using the Kinect

    Currently, Chinese shadow playit is confronted with difficulties because of a serious loss of shadow products and shortage of performance heritage. In the work, we want to bring new technical elements into the traditional one, and make vivid and live digital shadow play performance.

    Mingmin Zhang, Zhejiang University

    Interaction, Suggestion and Artistic Connotation: Experiment with Mind, Emotion, Odor and Wind

    Interactive art installation includes mind, emotion, odor and wind. Through the experience, participant is able to understand by heart the artistic connotation through some psychological suggestions delivered by interaction procedures.

    Yiyuan Huang, University Paris 8

    KnockKnock: A Body Data Visualization and Interaction System with Knocking Gesture

    In this research, we developed KnockKnock, a wearable device using a knocking gesture, to detect and analyze multimodal body data of individual body parts. With our design approach, the accessibility can fit the daily life and provide the real-time health information with the visualization and interaction system.

    Ning Jing, Media Design Lab, Waseda University

    Rikuro Suzuki, Media Design Lab, Waseda University

    Yuta Inoue, Media Design Lab, Waseda University

    Yukino Ozawa, Media Design Lab, Waseda University

    LaserTouch : Touch device control using a laser pointer

    The laser pointer enables intuitive control of users due to visual feedback. In this paper, we intend to publish research on the remote control of the touch device using a laser pointer to overcome problems of difficulties in remote control of the touch device.

    Seungho Chae, Yonsei University

    Jonghoon Seo, Yonsei University

    Yoonsik Yang, Yonsei University

    Tack-Don Han, Yonsei University

    Wide Area Interaction Using Telephoto Imaging

    We addressed the research issue of interaction in wide area (sport stadiums, cities etc) and constructed a prototype using a telephoto lens for its proof-of-concept. In the prototype, a user can address a target and point a coordinate on its surface from a distant place.

    Tomomi Takashina, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Hideki Sasaki, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Yuji Kokumai, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Yutaka Iwasaki, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section
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