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    3D Seabed Modeling and Visualization on Ubiquitous Context

    We created a ‘virtual-seabed’ to have a good visual analysis for the seabed, that can accomplish the modeling, visualization and analysis of the integrated data of the seabed on either website or smartphone.

    Zhihan Lu, Umea University

    Tianyu Su, State Oceanic Administration, First Institute of Oceanography(FIO)

    An Autonomous Robot for Searching and Navigating Shooting Locations with Subjective Expression

    Finding a good scenery is a key to take a good picture. We propose a novel system for autonomously searching good shooting locations, and guiding a user to those locations. We implemented the prototype applying PTAMM for getting 3D information and key-frame images.

    Yuji Kokumai, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Tomomi Takashina, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Yutaka Iwasaki, Nikon Corporation, MS Research Section

    Large-scale water simulation based on spherical projected grid (SPG)

    This paper presented a novel method for ocean-scale complex simulation based on spherical projected grid. Our new method is faster than previous frameworks, which also allows for walking on the tangent plane of the earth while the viewpoint is close to the earth surface.

    Yuan Xiong, Tianjin University

    Shiguang Liu, Tianjin University

    Muscle-driven Tentacle Animation

    We present a muscle-driven finite-element tentacle simulation that captures the lifelike squeezing, bulging and twisting deformations of tentacle movement and that can be animated with keyframe motion targets prescribed by an animator.

    Ian Stavness, University of Saskatchewan

    Object Weathering Simulation Avoiding Texture Space Stretching and Discontinuities

    We present an object weathering simulation avoiding inconsistent depositing by computing the dimensions of the area affected in world space and translating them into texture space while preventing texture discontinuities.

    Dhana Frerichs, CDE, Bournemouth University, Ninja Theory Ltd.

    Andrew Vidler, Ninja Theory Ltd.

    Christos Gatzidis, School of Design, Engineering & Computing, Bournemouth University

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