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    What’s New in OpenGL® ES 3.1 & ASTC Texture Compression

    Thursday, 04 December

    14:00 - 15:00

    Exhibitor Talk Stage Hall 5

    OpenGL ES is the world's most deployed 3D graphics API and its latest version, OpenGL ES 3.1, was announced in March 2014. This talk will cover best practices when using the headline OpenGL ES 3.1 features that stand out: compute shaders, which allows the GPU to be used for general-purpose computing, tightly coupled with GPU-based graphics rendering; indirect drawing commands, which allow the GPU to read drawing command parameters from memory instead of receiving them directly from the CPU; and the Shader Storage Buffer Object (SSBO) feature that gives additional possibilities for exchanging data between pipeline stages, as well as being flexible input and output for compute shaders.

    Then, the talk will follow with introducing the benefits of using the ASTC format and we will also show how ASTC performs in the case of 3D HDR textures available in OpenGL ES 3.1.

    The combination of ASTC and features from OpenGL ES 3.x, such as transform feedback and instancing helped us to create the experimental use case shown in this presentation where a particle system managed entirely by the GPU is able to manage collisions with volumetric objects by using compressed 3D textures to express the volume data.

    Nathan Li, SGL & Staff Graphics App. Engineer, ARM

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